WOWOW Original Drama “Nagatan to Ao to – Ichika no Ryouricho -” OP Animation

The popular manga “Nagatan to Ao to – Ichika no Ryoricho” (Nagatan and Blue and – Ichika no Ryoricho), originally written by Yuki Isotani, will be adapted into a WOWOW original drama starring Mugi Kadowaki in the spring of next year!

Broadcast and distribution will start in spring 2023 *First episode will be broadcast free of charge (10 episodes)

Directed by Soshi Matsumoto, who is also known for “It’s a Summer Film(2020)”!

Ryo Hirano will be in charge of the OP animation. More information on the cast and other details will be released in the future.

Please check it out!

Serial Drama W-30 Nagatan to Ao to -Ichika no Ryoricho