SCREENING & SPECIAL EXPERIENCES for “KRASUE”, a new short animation film directed by Ryo Hirano, Takadanobaba BaBaBa

A screening and special exhibition was held at BaBaBa in Takadanobaba to celebrate the completion of the animated short film “KRASUE”.

The special exhibition included a screening of the animated short film “KRASUE,” as well as an exhibition of the making of the film, many sketches, and the wonderful comments that were contributed for this work.

And we were joined by some of the best artists that Hirano admires and respects. Krasue in various forms such as paintings, animations, sculptures, kimono, etc.

The exhibition space was like a frightening tropical night in the middle of winter in Tokyo.


A giant GASU doll by Babot x TASKO will welcome you at the entrance.




Visitors received a special pamphlet with superb commentary by Nobuaki Doi (animation researcher and critic) and Inuhiko Yomota (film journalist and comparative literature scholar),

a postcard, stickers, and a video URL to watch the film as many times as you like during the exhibition.


Special cute Krasue cookies by Aya Aoyama were also distributed to the first 100 visitors.




Dates: December 20 – 26, 2021

Venue: BaBaBa, Takadanobaba

Admission: 500 yen
(All visitors receive delicious coffee, pamphlets, postcards, and stickers, and the first 100 visitors receive special Krasue cookies)


<<Participating Artists>>

Ryo Hirano: Short animation artist / manga artist

Ryo Inoue: Artist

Hiroyuki Ohashi: Manga Artist

Opertura: Independent Animators

Sawako Kabuki: Animation Artist, Illustrator

Yuta Kikuchi: Plastic Artist

Kisaburo: Kimono Designer

The Last Means: Video Team

Shigetasuke: Filmmaker

Sukerakko: Manga artist

Takakura Kazuki: Artist, Animation Writer

Nu-Q: Animation artist

Keiji Yano: Illustrator

Ryoshi Yamada: Animation Artist

Manami Wakai: Animation Artist

Aya Aoyama: Confectionery artist

Organizer: Cause Thatch Corporation / FOGHORN Producer: Chio Tanigawa

Supported by ARTS for the future